The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion: Gadzooks! / Tell Me That You Love Me [7-Inch Feature]

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The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion
Gadzooks! / Tell Me That You Love Me
In The Red Records [2012]

In my book you never can go wrong with the Blues Explosion. This 7-inch release on In The Red Records continues the Spencer Jukebox Series that started back in 1992. This 6th single in the series offers two new tracks with the JSBX original “Gadzooks!” on side A and on the flip, a cover of James Brown’s “Tell Me That You Love Me”.

“Gadzookss!” starts off with a country guitar strum that is a slight shock before the drums explode and Spencer lets loose his deep vocals. The song turns into a solid blues rocking stomper as it closes with a line only Jon Spencer could deliver with “Man fuck these blues – Gadzooks!”. Side B lets Spencer crank out the James Brown cover in just over a minute and squeezes a little “Blues Explosion” announcing on the front end.

The packaging on this release is simple as it comes in a plain white sleeve and includes a jukebox title strip. The music is perfect for any Jon Spencer fan out there and should be picked up if you are a collector. If you are new to Spencer’s material there is no reason that this could not be your first listen as it represents his work 100%.

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-Feature by Christopher Anthony

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