Kishi Bashi xmas “SnowFlexi” / Ltd 1000 – All Proceeds Donated

How about a Holiday vinyl? Just in time for the season is the first of an annual tradition at Joyful Noise Recordings called the “SnowFlexi”! This edition features an original Christmas song from  Kishi Bashi, “It’s Christmas, But It’s Not White Here In Our Town”.  You may not know Kishi Bashi but probably have already heard his tune “Bright Whites” which is featured in the new Windows 8 commercial.

Kishi Bashi // Holiday Flexi Commercial from Joyful Noise on Vimeo.

This release is limited to 1000 hand-numbered copies on white snowflake-shaped Flexi Discs. The “SnowFlexi” is playable on any standard turntable, and includes an instant MP3 download.

This is a “Pay What You Want” release, and all proceeds benefit Ear Candy Music Charity. Ear Candy will use the funds to supply underfunded music education programs with refurbished musical instruments.


Donations of any level are accepted, but below are some general guidelines from Joyful Noise:

  • $4 – $7 = Generous Level
    (Within the range of where we would price it if we weren’t doing this whole “pay what you want” thing. And since we’re giving you the option to pay one cent, donating that this level is totally generous.)
  • $8 – $20 = Very Generous Level
    (Shows that you believe in the cause and would like to chip in a little extra for Karma points.)
  • Over $20 = Ridiculously Generous Level
    (Either you are an amazing supporter of the arts, or you’re super loaded, or both. And that’s awesome. Any donations over $20 get special attention like extra gifts, candy, thank you notes, etc.)
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