King Tuff – Was Dead (Deluxe LP Pre-Order) / 500 Color Vinyl

King Tuff will be reissuing Was Dead April 30 on Burger Records. There is a limited pressing of 2000 LPs with 500 being color and 1500 in black. You can pre-order Was Dead HERE. Below is King Tuff’s description on this reissue.

“I think it was 2006. I recorded mostly late at night, in a giant dirty ballroom called Vegetable Street, in my hometown of Brattleboro, Vermont. My days were filled with endless cups of Mocha Joe’s coffee, black, sitting on the stoop with my friends, and spazzing out on my guitar. Looking down at the streets of Brattleboro below and out at Mount Wantastiquet and beyond. I didn’t have a cell phone or a computer and the only way to find me was either to call my mom, Lil’ Smashy, who was probably already too busy cooking me something really delicious, or spot me in the corner of the coffee shop spying on people and drawing them in my sketchbook. They were very chill times.”

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