Healing Gems: Fiesta Pack (Mango Wax | 250 Copies)

Mock Records just announced Fiesta Pack by Healing Gems on limited Mango colored vinyl, check it out HERE.

Here’s what they say about it:
“Stoked to announce Healing Gem’s debut, ‘Fiesta Pack’! This LA based band has been making waves in the scene for some time now. They bring to the table fresh Latin exotica with a splash of psych pop in a truly unique way. Healing Gems are the best representatives of a multicultural, diverse and insanely talented LA music community. ‘Fiesta Pack’ is something of a compilation, a collection of their first three EPs available for the first time on vinyl. Limited to 250 copies on Mango colored vinyl (no standard black this time).

“L.A.’s Healing Gems make music for lost explorers, midnight surfers and spaghetti western anti-heroes who packed one too few bullets. They’re cinematic in the most technicolor way possible, and they take a long history of kitschy studio soundtracks, 50’s pan-Latin dance compilations and overlooked exotica albums and remake them into a world all their own.” -L.A. Record

For fans of Perez Prado, Haruomi Hosono, Martin Denny, Talking Heads & shoplifting.”

Fire Note Staff

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