Deadbolt: Tiki Man (Black Wax | 1st Press)

Deadbolt is a rock band from San Diego, California and they have described themselves as “The Scariest Band in the World.” Deadbolt’s music combines surf rock, goth, psychobilly and blues sound with unusual and offbeat lyrics, a style the band dubbed “voodoobilly.”

Tiki Man, now thanks to Pig Baby Records, has received its first vinyl pressing. The album has been remastered with liner notes by Harley A. Davidson. In 1994, way before the Tiki craze that is happening today, Deadbolt put out this classic. Beautifully remastered with some of their biggest cuts like “Patches the Clown” and “Who the Hell is Mrs. Valdez?”. If you like surf – Deadbolt and this reissue should be in your collection.

You can pick up a copy at Pig Baby Records HERE.

Fire Note Staff

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