Aaron Frazer: Introducing… (Purple & Blue Nebula Wax | 3000 Copies)

Aaron Frazer (of Durand Jones & The Indications) has just announced his debut album, Introducing…, out January 8th, 2021 that will be co-released by Dead Oceans and Easy Eye Sound. The album is available to pre-order now on exclusive transparent purple and blue nebula vinyl, that is also currently included in a nice bundle including a Colemine white label promo 7″ and turntable slipmat.

The purple and blue nebula vinyl is limited to 3000 copies and can be currently picked up in the bundle or individually at the label HERE. Bandcamp HERE. Or Colemine Records HERE.

Produced by The Black Keys’ Dan Auerbach, the 12 songs on Introducing… are a testament to Frazer’s wide-ranging influence as they blend mid-60’s soul with Auerbach’s particular sensibilities. The album was recorded in a week at Auerbach’s antique and ephemera-laden studio in Nashville following a rapid and prolific songwriting session.

“Dan likes to have this writing process where you just let go and embrace the kind of pressure cooker environment that comes with extreme time limitation,” Frazer says, adding that the writing sessions pushed him creatively. “My influences are perfectionists; architects creating palaces. So it was definitely scary to do some letting go and try to get in touch with that kind of intuitive process.” Auerbach brought in legendary songwriters such as 80-year-old L. Russell Brown, who wrote hits for fellow falsetto Frankie Valli and co-wrote ‘You Don’t Wanna Be My Baby,’ a pleading midtempo soul number and the album’s opening track. “As soon as Aaron started singing,” Auerbach says, “Russell looked at me and his eyes lit up. He instantly understood Aaron; it was a perfect, effortless way to start the record.”

Frazer first came into the international spotlight as multi-instrumentalist and co-lead singer of Durand Jones & The Indications, but he’s more than a revivalist act. “I didn’t want Introducing… to be an exact recreation of an era or a style,” Frazer says. “I’m excited to keep breaking some of the expectations around what exactly I’m supposed to be artistically and musically, or what this scene as a whole can be.” On Introducing…, Frazer expertly calibrates consciousness-raising and the desire to be enveloped by love. Where previous records were written in a partial state of turmoil, Frazer’s debut LP shows maturation and range. Introducing… is both loving and gracious, critical without losing hope, and a showcase of a young artist on a seriously soulful ascent.

Fire Note Staff

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