Video Premiere: Tim Reisert – “Viewfinder”

Today’s video premiere is from Cincinnati singer/songwriter Tim Reisert. Tim writes songs with meditation, nature, and memory close to the surface, which you will hear in this title track from his forthcoming album, Viewfinder, out January 20, 2023 on SofaBurn Records. The surreal sincerity of “Viewfinder” will bring you in close as Tim’s fragile delivery holds a large space while you take a pause and clear your mind with the view.

“Viewfinder,” describes walking on rural Ohio roads, searching for a just-right location, setting the tripod, and readying the camera. While the process — especially for the film large-format camera — is slow and deliberate, there is room for renewal and transformation in the waiting. “Viewfinder” offers a lyrical perspective into the image-making process of photography.”

— Tim Reisert

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