Travis – “Valentine” [Video]

Following the release of the animated video for “A Ghost”, frontman Fran Healy has returned to the director’s chair with the video for Travis’ new track, “Valentine”. The track is the third from their new album, 10 Songs, which will be released on October 9th on BMG.

The video is directed by Fran and shot by Newton Thomas Segal, with lighting design by Queens Of The Stone Age’s lighting technician, Gigi Pedron, in Aspect Lighting’s car park in LA.

Fran said of the video conception, “The idea came from the lyric, “If I lie here, I might die here, I may lay here for a while.” I saw me lying on the ground for the duration using our drone to look down on me and maybe have stuff happen while I lay there.” He continues, “It expanded from here to have lights and a second camera. Again, Covid-19 made this a tricky shoot and not being able to shoot with the band meant getting stunt doubles in who I’ve dressed as ghosts and now in this, they look like urban guerrillas with their balaclavas, shades and black clothes!”

Written by Fran Healy and co-produced by Fran and Robin Baynton, “Valentine” possesses an energy and a spark that burns bright in the contrast between Fran’s soft, soothing vocals and Andy Dunlop’s heavy guitar lines. Of the track Fran said, “Valentine” was recorded as a predominately live performance in December 2019 at Rak studios in London. It’s the closest Travis have gotten sonically to our debut album, Good Feeling. Alex Harvey-esque.”

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