The Routes – “Ain’t It Black (featuring The Meyer Dancers)” [Video]

Where the activities of many bands seemed to have dwindled over the last year due to COVID, Scotsman in Japan Chris Jack and his outfit The Routes, seem, if anything, to be creatively thriving.

Instrumentals II, the ninth LP by The Routes, is their second album release this year following their recent killer psych/garage/punk-themed LP Mesmerised. The Routes are not for staying static, their style forever moving and changing with each album. This latest sees them turning back to playing instrumental music, picking up from where they left off with “Instrumentals” the album they released on Groovie Records in 2013.

The ten original tracks on Instrumentals II take the listener on a musical journey, from spaghetti western to surf, and from garage to 50’s rock’n’roll stompers. The Routes cut their instrumentals in mono-basic, raw and LOUD (warts and all).

If the sounds of Link Wray, Dick Dale, Trashmen, Ventures, Terauchi Takeshi (to whose cult classic album “Rashomon” the cover pays homage), and the Strummin’ Mental compilations are what floats your boat, then this album will blow your mind.

You can order the album HERE.

Fire Note Staff

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