The Dead Ships – “First Mistakes” [Video]

The Dead Ships debut full-length LP CITYCIDE is out now on Nevado Music. Here is the band’s new video for “First Mistakes” off of the album. The Dead Ships had an opportunity to sit in with multi-platinum producer/guitarist Chris Thorn of Blind Melon and Awolnation to make an alternate version of “First Mistakes” heard in the video.

About the video, The Dead Ships’ Devlin McClusky says, “Because most of the songs were written to help process grief so many have an undercurrent of sadness. First mistakes feels more hopeful but still comes from and always reminds me of such a sad period.” He adds, “When [director] Kelly Reed came to us with the concept of taped up smiles, it brought to the fore some of the darker parts of the emotional spectrum that may be overlooked by the first listen to such a sentimental feeling like “it was good to be alive”. I love those studies that come out every now again that show the physical formation of a smile on your face actually stimulates parts of your brain and causes a chain reaction that puts you in a better mood. No one wants to force a smile, but you can always assert some level of control over yourself and change how you feel.”

Fire Note Staff

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