Premiere Video: The Mattoid – “Beautiful”

Ville Kiviniemi is The Mattoid, Finland’s gonzo troubadour who has been wandering the world for three decades and is known in the US for his time spent in Nashville, Tennessee. Now ten years removed from that scene and surviving a major van wreck and neck injury in 2021, todays video premiere captures one afternoon that Kiviniemi was allowed to leave the medical facility during his physical rehab and sing this song.

The video for “Beautiful” captures an appreciation of life and easily connects as it taps that special unstoppable feeling when you find the right person. The Mattoid’s delivery also brings you in as his voice tone is an interesting combination of Alex Cameron and Bill Callahan. “Beautiful” is the second single from The Mattoid’s long awaited third LP, Great Lovers. The album features members of Lambchop and Silver Jews and is out worldwide on June 24, 2022, via Cleft Music and Redeye Worldwide.

You can order the album HERE.

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