Optic Sink – “Personified” [Video]

Optic Sink was just featured last week right here as Artists of The Week. The band’s frontwoman, Natalie Hoffmann (NOTS) creates a musical paradox: an endeavor that doesn’t seem to belong to any particular time or place. She constructs with sounds that are synthesized and stripped down, yet bristling with urgency and brutalist emotion. With percussionist Ben Bauermeister (Magic Kids, Toxie, A55 Conducta) by her side, the two set up camp on the post-punk side of the minimal electronic scene.

Their debut, self-titled album is due out October 2nd on Goner Records. The lead single and video “Personified” features a Trumptopian critique delivered over instrumentation that sounds like a new wave chase theme. Hoffmann describes it as “Personified is a chaotic reflection on the far-reaching shadows of the dystopia we’re living in. The contrasting textures in the song underline the tension between human and machine, and where that line is blurred.”

You can pre-order the new album HERE.

Fire Note Staff

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