Flaural – “1616” [Video]

Denver-based four-piece Flaural is set to release their debut LP, Postponement, which is due out April 19, 2019 via Staycation Records. Following a string of EPs — 2015’s Thin King and 2016’s Over Imaginary Cigarettes — and produced by James Barone (Beach House, Tennis), Flaural’s Postponement developed over a trying three years for the experimental rock band.

The video for “1616” follows the early release of the album’s lead single, “The Thinker.” They go on to say, “When you know its backstory, what initially comes across like a catchy freakout takes on more weight; an underlying sadness becomes more prominent, the waves of layered instruments starting to feel like an escape towards the inner recesses of a person’s mind as they try to reckon with what has happened while they grasp at memories dissolving over time.” The upbeat, emotional track ends with a dark, hectic, instrumental frenzy of piercing baritone saxophone squeaks layered over sporadic, aggressive guitar and driving drums.

Fire Note Staff

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