Yoko & The Oh No’s: Yoko & The Oh No’s [Album Review]

yoko-and-oh-nos-album Yoko & The Oh No’s
Yoko & The Oh No’s
Autumn Tone Records [2015]


Fire Drill Album Review: If you like a blend of classic rock riffs, distorted R&B beats and flowing soulful vocals then Chicago’s Yoko & The Oh No’s will be your new favorite band. The group cranks their way through this 10 song self-titled record with a young and carefree attitude that is always looking forward. The swagger and move that takes place during “She Ain’t Mine” will instantly sell you as the group slides the tempo up and down while lead singer Max Goldstein lets off the perfect Jagger type snarl and strut. This confidence upfront and great supporting guitar and drums helps Yoko & The Oh No’s infectious groove take over your speakers. On the storytelling, “Love U,” you can really get a sense of the group’s talent as it just grinds through its chorus while Goldstein is vocally out front telling the tale. If you are looking for some new blood on the scene, make sure to check out this youth fueled record. The Yoko & The Oh No’s have a low grade Black Keys undertone rhythm with the flash and glam of the New York Dolls that just gets better with every spin. The reality here is that the band’s name alone is worth a listen!

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– Reviewed by Thomas Wilde

Thomas Wilde

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