Ty Segall: Segall Smeagol [Album Review]

Ty Segall
Segall Smeagol
Self-Released [2020]

I can’t name many good things so far that have come out of self-isolation but this new free EP from Ty Segall will be near the top of my list. Segall Smeagol offers 6 cover cuts from singer Harry Nilsson’s 1971 classic Nilsson Schmilsson. Ty states that he has wanted to do this for years so when the opportunity of being at home presented itself he went for it. He is also giving it away for free at his Bandcamp page!

When Segall sings “Put the lime in the coconut, you drank ’em bot’ up” you can just imagine his smiling snarl on the teetering and slightly off-kilter opener of “Coconut” while “Gotta Get Up” is a fantastic big guitar rocker that sounds like it was created just for Segall. The entire EP is a great ride right down to the sizziling closer “Jump Into The Fire” with its eeire effects and beats.

Ty Segall shows off an excellent spirit here as Segall Smeagol is loose, fast and enjoyable. The EP reminds me of his 2015 record of T. Rex covers, Ty Rex, and creates the perfect bookend of influential rock in his vast catalog. You can’t go wrong grabbing this one and make sure you send a thanks to Ty while you are at it!

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