Toro y Moi: Outer Peace [Album Review]

Toro y Moi
Outer Peace
Carpark Records [2019]


Who: Multitalented veteran indie rocker.

Sound: Electronic dance music with a deft DYI feel.

TFN Final Take: Chaz Bundick is back with his sixth proper album as Toro y Moi, titled Outer Peace. On the album Bundick is clearly moving toward more of an EDM sound, getting farther away from his chillwave roots. It’s still easy to distinguish that this is a Toro y Moi collection of songs, with Bundick’s subdued vocals and big hooks. And the tracks flow together nicely – it sounds like a DJ set. Outer Peace really doesn’t have a standout single, and not having an entry point makes it a challenging album to access. There are certainly interesting moments to be found, but some of those cool ideas never get fleshed out. Toro y Moi has made a career of zigging and zagging. Bundick will probably follow up Outer Peace with either a country or metal collection. That creativity and willingness to experiment makes him an intriguing listen, even if some of his stuff doesn’t quite connect.

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-Reviewed by Matthew Heiner

Fire Note Staff

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