Topographies: Interior Spring [Album Review]

Interior Spring
Dark Entries Records [2024]

Album Overview: San Francisco band Topographies sophomore LP, Interior Spring, delves into themes of guilt, inherited trauma, and recovery. It’s an exploration of the complexities of human existence, where the title symbolizes both renewal and the persistence of past struggles. Through ten songs, the album offers atmospheric compositions, introspective lyrics, and intense vocal delivery.

Musical Style: The album melds the icy riffs and ambient gloom of early coldwave and goth with the lush textural depth of classic shoegaze. Topographies masterfully intertwine these elements to create a sound that feels simultaneously contemporary and timeless, evoking a sense of melancholic beauty and introspection. Interior Spring is filled with intricate guitar work, reverb-drenched guitar lines, melodic basslines, and synthesizers for added layers of haunting texture.

Evolution of Sound: Building upon their debut efforts, Topographies refine their resonant expertise on Interior Spring, integrating more intricate arrangements and ethereal textures. The album showcases a maturation of their sound, marked by a heightened sense of emotional depth and musical nuance. Interior Spring represents a significant step forward as the band sounds fully accomplished in every element they deliver.

Artists with Similar Fire: Topographies’ sonic landscape resonates with bands like Asylum Party and The Chameleons, who similarly blend post-punk aesthetics with introspective lyricism and atmospheric melodies. The influence of Lol Tolhurst from The Cure, singer Gray Tolhurst’s father, is also apparent, infusing the album with echoes of his seminal work. This record also features pulsating electronic rhythms, often driven by sequenced basslines and drum patterns reminiscent of a cool mood like Depeche Mode.

Pivotal Tracks: Within Interior Spring, Topographies offer pivotal moments that encapsulate the album’s emotional depth and thematic resonance. “Night Sea” stands as an anthemic gem, merging shimmering guitars and haunting vocals to create a mesmerizing soundscape. Meanwhile, “Chain of Days” delves into the album’s thematic core, weaving intricate melodies with poignant lyrics that explore the cycle of addiction and hopelessness. “I Never Understand” has a swirling effect that dives into your inner thoughts as the track masterfully pounds out the beats and hooks you with Tolhurst’s impassioned and soulful delivery. The energetic bounce of the later album track “1959” makes it another fantastic addition to your playlist!

Lyrical Strength: Gray Tolhurst’s lyrics serve as the emotional core of Interior Spring, drawing from his own experiences in recovery from substance abuse to explore themes of struggle, resilience, and redemption. His introspective verses resonate with raw honesty, inviting listeners into a deeply personal journey of self-discovery and healing.

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Thomas Wilde

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