Thee MVPs: Science Fiction [Album Review]

Thee MVPs
Science Fiction
Eeasy Records [2020]

It seems like more and more these days I need to look harder through my email to find some really good riff driven rock music. I know the suppression of rock is coming from the bigger general listening audiences current tastes but if your band is not from Australia, there is a chance your music will fall by the wayside. Well, don’t let the debut LP from the UK’s Thee MVPs escape you. The group had a killer EP named Receiver on Greenway Records in 2017 and now continues the excellence with Science Fiction. The record is loud, rambunctious, riff heavy, focused, tight and filled with call outs that you can shout along with.

The album was recorded within days of the band moving from London to Leeds and mastered in Chicago with Shellac’s Bob Weston. The record has a partial sci-fi concept to it that also includes some spacey type rhythms to support the cause. Science Fiction consistently rides on the edge of thundering hard rock like “SESH,” where the fuzz and sonic riffs raise the rafters. Other places, like on the just over 2-minute “Causality,” Thee MVPs start off with a Strokes like chord before showcasing their in your face garage comparisons while also including killer guitar work throughout the song.

Diversity is what gives Thee MVPs a stand out sound because they can rock you with a short burst or like on the 7-minute closer, “US Airways (Final Flight),” the group never takes their foot off the gas. It is this punk attitude that gives the band a swagger and gives Science Fiction a lasting impression.

Key Tracks: “You Ain’t It” / “Causality” / “US Airways (Final Flight)”

Artists With Similar Fire: Flat Worms / Parquet Courts / GØGGS

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-Reviewed by Thomas Wilde

Thomas Wilde

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