The Proper Ornaments: Foxhole [Album Review]

The Proper Ornaments
Slumberland Records [2017]


Who: The Proper Ornaments is the project of James Hoare (Ultimate Painting, Veronica Falls) and Max Oscarnold (Toy, Pink Flames). Foxhole is the groups sophomore album.

Sound: Given the members it should be no surprise that The Proper Ornaments embrace the softer side of indie rock. They have the slickness of Teenage Fanclub and an extreme nod to The Beatles. Their
debut had more distortion, as on Foxhole it is dialed back and replaced with piano driven reflections that allow their vocals to be the focal point.

TFN Final Take: Much like James Hoare’s Ultimate Painting, The Proper Ornaments create some fine guitar pop that just floats. The difference between the two bands is that this sophomore effort, Foxhole, finds a more British 60’s groove for its guitar and piano while even crossing the ocean with a more classic harmonizing of Simon & Garfunkel. This less distorted approach reduces The Proper Ornaments’ previous comparisons to The Velvet Underground but still works for the band as its modern pieces will have Real Estate fans signing up. Foxhole does not break any new ground and does not surpass Ultimate Painting’s current release Dusk but if you looking for a quality record on a rainy day – The Proper Ornaments have you covered.

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– Reviewed by Thomas Wilde

Thomas Wilde

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