The Muckers: Endeavor [Album Review]

The Muckers
Greenway Records [2021]

Brooklyn’s The Muckers deliver hot steamy rock n roll that was inspired by The Strokes but at times sounds like it is right out of the 70’s arena rock era. Their debut, Endeavor, maintains a modern flare but does include a throwback approach that has bits and pieces of past rock gods like Rush, Led Zeppelin and prog masters Yes, while also mixing a Frank Zappa type of free-form psychedelic improvisation.

From the opening, almost instrumental, track “I Can’t Go Without You,” The Muckers build an uplifting sonic sound that truly oozes good vibes and better times with plenty of guitar. It is a record that cuts through our current pandemic and transcends you to a time of rolling down the windows at a young age with no care in the world. I credit this freedom to lead guitarist and vocalist Emir Mohseni which is from Iran along with bassist Anthony Azar. Wanting to always be in a band playing in New York, Endeavor is their celebration of making everything they wanted come true.

This foot tapping experience can be found in almost every track. Even the over 7-minute closer, “To The Core Of The Sun” has multiple peaks as this consistent beat gives The Muckers their identity. It especially soars on “So Far Away” as the groove takes off and the vocals are slightly tunneled with a distorted echo. This tempo is also where you give The Muckers their credit because they never seem to take a breath throughout Endeavor. Their debut is not perfect but any fan of psych or classic rock can easily attach themselves to The Muckers for 42 minutes and come out the other side feeling a whole lot better before they hit play!

Key Tracks: “Suspended” / “Thunderstorm” / “So Far Away”

Artists With Similar Fire: Jacuzzi Boys / The Strokes / Elephant Stone

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-Reviewed by Christopher Anthony

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