The Madcaps: Hot Sauce [Album Review]

madcaps-hot-sauce The Madcaps
Hot Sauce
Howlin’ Banana Records [2016]


Fire Drill Album Review: The sophomore record from Rennes group, The Madcaps will be one of the more interesting listens you may hear this year. Upfront, the group is sold as a garage band which also fits in with the Howlin’ Banana label but as you dive into Hot Sauce more your opinion will shift as the group has a 60’s pop British Invasion swagger while bringing a much more English type Libertines voice to the surface. When you toss in the keyboard and horns you start to feel the Ocean Colour Scene meets the Kinks ripples throughout Hot Sauce that completely engages the listener. Now, I won’t lie. Songs such as “Too Big For Your Boots” are much more garage sounding but the foot stomping beat and vocal harmonies drive the track instead of a heavy guitar which I believe gives The Madcaps some separation in a very crowded music scene. The band is already doing well in France and with just some exposure I don’t see why their style can’t quickly grow a wider audience. Regardless of popularity, after one groove with “Taco Truck” you will not only be hungry and identify with the search but I think The Madcaps will find some room in your playlist as well.

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– Reviewed by Christopher Anthony

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