The Bug Club: Green Dream In F# [Album Review]

The Bug Club
Green Dream In F#
Bingo/We Are Busy Bodies [2022/2023]

The Bug Club’s debut album, Green Dream In F#, was originally released late last year by UK label Bingo Records. We Are Busy Bodies has just recently released it officially in North America to spread its charming and eclectic collection of songs that deftly blends elements of indie rock, pop, and psychedelia. The Wales trio’s sound is characterized by their catchy melodies, clever lyrics, touch of humor and spontaneous energy.

The album opens with the upbeat and infectious “Only In Love,” which is a foot tapper showcasing the engaging duel vocals of Sam Willmett (guitar/vocals) and Tilly Harris (bass/vocals). The song is followed by the more introspective and catchy “Six O’Clock News,” which highlights the band’s ability to write thoughtful and meaningful lyrics.

Green Dream In F# is full of standout tracks that keep you coming back, including the fuzzed-out garage rock of “Little Coy Space Boy,” the dreamy groovy pop of “Some Things Sound Better In Space,” and the anthemic “Christmas Lullaby.” The album also features a few more sparkling moments, such as the guitar solo in “It’s Art” and the perfectly jangly “Love Letters From Jupiter.”

Throughout the album, The Bug Club showcases their talent for writing catchy and memorable songs. The album is a joy to listen to from start to finish, and it’s sure to please fans of indie rock, pop, and psychedelia alike. I can’t wait to hear what they release next.

“Little Coy Space Boy” / “Six O’clock News” / “Some Things Sound Better In Space”

Pavement / Jonathan Richman / Cheekface

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Thomas Wilde

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