Thank: Thoughtless Cruelty [Album Review]

Thoughtless Cruelty
Box/Exploding In Sound Records [2022]

“There’s never been a good band from London,” is declared multiple times from vocalist Freddy Vinehill-Cliffe on Thank’s “Dread,” which is a powerful highlight from the noise rock band’s debut album, Thoughtless Cruelty. The confidence that emerges out of this song is just one sample of their catchy arrogance that is both abrasive and addicting. It also is a song that will instantly have you wanting to hear more from this Leeds group and their excellent new album.

The band opens up with “From Heaven,” which fills the air with a drone type of hum instrumentation and almost cathartic vocal from Vinehill-Cliffe. This soaring and brooding track is the perfect introduction to Thank because it shows a side of the noise rock genre that you might not know even existed. Especially because the band really never gets back to this style until the grinding closer “No Funeral.” The chest pounding “Good Boy” is next and it is an electric charger of a song that has the same stalking grooves of Idles. It also explodes out of your speakers in different segments that is only meant to be heard loud!

Thank’s blend of erratic electronic noise, synths and sarcasm is dangerously captivating. Their strong in your face lyrics and wall shaking rhythms can come at you out of nowhere and keeps your ears listening for the next great transition. On the more synth convulsion that is “Very Cool,” the group reminded me of some great Brainiac punk moments while METZ comes to mind during their heavy guitar riffs that support a track like “Paris Syndrome.”

Thank’s real strength on Thoughtless Cruelty is that they balance their aggressive moments with a true focus on the space between the noise. It’s not all roar but it is all musically tight. Their creativity within the songs shine a new light on noise rock and makes the listening experience something that is fresh and different. Those two descriptors will always have me coming back for more!

Key Tracks: “Dread” / “Good Boy” / “Very Cool”

Artists With Similar Fire: Brainiac / Protomartyr / Idles

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