Tedeschi Trucks Band: I Am The Moon: IV. Farewell [Album Review]

Tedeschi Trucks Band
I Am The Moon: IV. Farewell
Fantasy / Concord Music [2022]

There’s a satisfying sense of closure flowing nicely through the six songs of this final chapter in the Tedeschi Trucks Bands’ I Am The Moon project, with 18 songs spread over three previous EPs released monthly over the summer. The subtitle Farewell captures the tone and texture of these quieter, more reflective pieces, all which express a sense of longing in one way or another.

“Last Night In the Rain,” a soulful song where Susan Tedeschi sings to the object of her desire, that “you don’t know what you’re missing,” as the TTB horns and chorus of singers accentuate the obvious. “Soul Sweet Song” is a tribute from Gabe Dixon to Kofi Burbridge, the keyboard player he replaced in the band who died in 2019, “I hear you on the whispering wind/And I feel your rhythm moving me/‘Cause your soul’s sweet song’s still singing.” Tedeschi and Dixon sing the vocal lead in harmony, while Derek Trucks plays his signature electric slide guitar over the familiar TTB’s R&B rhythm.

“D’Gary” is a bit of Saharan blues and jazz from Trucks, the title drawn from the stage name for the Malagasy musician known for his memorable playing style and unusual acoustic guitar tunings. Tedeschi wrote and sings the song’s lyrics, while sax player Kebbi Williams adds a jazz oriented solo before Trucks explores some new musical territory in his extended guitar solo. Mike Mattison contributed and sings lead on “Where Are My Friends?” with it’s reminders that the real connection is “at the heart of the matter.” Guest guitarist Eric Krasno contributes, drawing some expressive playing from Trucks as well.

“I Can Feel You Smiling” is a lovely acoustic pop song with a Delta blues feel, sung sweetly by Tedeschi, accented by Trucks’ smart fills and solo. The disc and the entire project concludes with “Another Day,” offering a “light in the darkness,” suggesting the band’s hopeful view, with yet another soulful reminder that “blue skies” await us all.

“Soul Sweet Song” / “D’Gary” / “I Can Feel You Smiling”

Allman Bros. Band / Bonnie Raitt / Jason Isbell 

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