Tame Impala: Innerspeaker [Album Review]

51z5KATmtjL._AA300_ Tame Impala
Modular Recordings [2010]

Fire Drill Album Review: My first listen to Aussie export trio Tame Impala really didn’t do too much for me. Sure – their debut Innerspeaker has plenty of fuzz and psychedelic 60’s rock but it was so dense that I kept grabbing the record in pieces. Big mistake.

Innerspeaker is a mountain of a record and it needs to be consumed as one big opus and not chopped into bits. All of the songs here play off each other and it doesn’t matter if Tame Impala is swirling through some stoner rock or hitting you with some British Invasion, the band intelligently makes it all fit together with seamless transitions. The density is now what you live for here and with driving classic sounding rockers like “Bold Arrow Of Time” and “Desire Be Desire Go.” There is also the catchy pop parts in opener “It Is Not Meant To Be” and not to be outdone by the entertaining instrumental “Jeremy’s Storm”, the album makes you want more! At the end of Innerspeaker you will take a long breath but it is definitely not for relief of the records conclusion but an excited intake of air to challenge Tame Impala for another spin!

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– Reviewed by Christopher Anthony


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