Strange Wilds: Subjective Concepts [Album Review]

strange-wilds-subjective-concepts Strange Wilds
Subjective Concepts
Sub Pop Records [2015]

Fire Drill Album Review: Strange Wilds debut full length, Subjective Concepts, is one of the closest sounding records Sub Pop has released in years that embraces the label’s original Pacific Northwest/Olympia/Seattle sound from which they built their foundation. Is does not take long to hear the Bleach-ear Nirvana in this power-trio and that is a good thing if you have been missing this rebellion in your speakers. The album is very straightforward in its delivery which may keep some listeners in the past but overall I like its no BS approach. Stange Wilds dive into some heavier and more metal material throughout the album but in small doses which gives them some diversity. Subjective Concepts is a good record that hits you with everything Strange Wilds has to give and for most re-living that 90’s era is never a bad thing!

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– Reviewed by Christopher Anthony

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