Stiff Richards: State Of Mind [Album Review]

Stiff Richards
State Of Mind
Legless/Drunken Sailor Records [2020]

The Fire Note headphone approved

The pure raw punk on Melbourne’s Stiff Richards third LP, State Of Mind, is a mind blowing powerful 27 minute ride of rock n roll that never lets its foot off of the gas pedal. Singer Wolfgang Buckley consistently struts around these songs like a young Iggy Pop as his snarl and focus pumps a fist on every track.

Stiff Richards is not pop punk, this is not speed punk and this is not 90’s punk. Stiff Richards has a fantastic throwback sound to a no frills 70’s and early 80’s punk that is just guitar, bass, drums and grit that is carried song after song with a driving upbeat rhythm that keeps you going. Stiff Richards reckless abandon from track to track is the appeal here. The songs are tight with scorching dual guitar as six of the tracks move by the 3 minute mark and allow catchy solos that stick. The drums and bass of course round out the band and stay right in line with the guitars.

Stiff Richards is a band that don’t sound like 2020. That reason is exactly why State Of Mind is one of the better releases this year and for sure the best punk record of 2020. It has been easy to hide from the outside this year (and for good reason) but if you feel in need of a true jolt – Stiff Richards should be your prescription!

Key Tracks: “Point Of You” / “Got It To Go” / “Going Numb”

Artists With Similar Fire: Radio Birdman / The Stooges / Cosmic Psychos

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-Reviewed by Christopher Anthony

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