SPRINTS: Letter To Self [Album Review]

Letter To Self
City Slang [2024]

Album Overview: Dublin’s four-piece SPRINTS just released their debut full-length, Letter To Self, on January 5th. The record is filled with brooding and building guitar rock that exhibits both intensity and unrelenting passion.

Musical Style: Brutally mixing rhythms and sounds, SPRINTS captures your ear with rhythmic tracks that build and then hits you hard with pulsating guitars. Although they share common ground with several modern post-punk groups, the band also draws heavy influence from 80s gothic music. This record is more pedal to the floor than coasting down the hill!

Evolution of Sound: SPRINTS’ growth here is a natural progression that some have witnessed over the last three years through their live performances and two highly recommended EPs.

Artists with Similar Fire: SPRINTS shares a kinship with powerhouse Australian band Amyl and the Sniffers, while the garage punk delivery of lead singer Karla Chubb reminds me somewhat of the Distillers with a PJ Harvey-type confidence.

Pivotal Tracks: “Ticking” kicks off with a pulsive drumbeat that is the perfect warm-up to Chubb’s vocal rev-up before the song takes off! “Heavy” embodies brutal intensity, reflecting anxiety’s paralyzing and inspiring aspects. “Adore Adore Adore” snarls with attitude and features a catchy, intense chorus.

Lyrical Strength: Chubb transforms pain into truth, offering verses of resilience.

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