Shelby Earl: The Man Who Made Himself A Name [Album Review]

Shelby Earl
The Man Who Made Himself A Name
Nine Mile Records [2017]


Who: Shelby Earl is a singer-songwriter from Seattle who has released her third full-length album.

Sound: Rock as a backdrop for storytelling.

TFN Final Take: Sometimes you can recognize someone’s talent yet fail to connect with it. This happened with me and Shelby Earl – her music is compelling and fills a near-void in female-oriented rock music. Her voice is clear and full of soul. Earl sings about resilience, motherhood, and heartbreak that are highly relatable for most women. I can appreciate the truth and perspective she offers. In particular, “Strong Swimmer” and “Call Her Mercy” showcase Earl’s talents. The heart that Earl pours into “Call Her Mercy” is impressive. The only critique I will offer is that Earl’s overwhelming earnestness did exhaust me – a little fun would’ve gone a long way.

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Nine Mile Records

– Reviewed by Matthew Heiner

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