Ryley Walker: So Certain EP [Album Review]

Ryley Walker
So Certain EP
Husky Pants Records [2022]

In so many different ways the pandemic continues to cripple artists that includes new rounds of tour postponements and long delays in the vinyl production queue. Singer/songwriter Ryley Walker is not immune to the issues but with his newly released four song So Certain EP he fully admits that its painful to sit on new music so long waiting for a piece of wax and when you work on a small budget the luxury of hanging out is not affordable. Walker walks the tightrope with this release as a 12″ will be available in August but digitally this music was unleashed to the world last week.

After one spin you know why Walker wanted to launch these tunes because they are fantastic. He amps up the mood with both “Trace Ghosts” and “Pharaoh’s Plastic” that feature a muscular guitar that is complemented by the talents of Bill MacKay (guitar), Quin Kirchner (drums) and Andrew Scott Young (bass). The pace and tracks feel natural and all of the songs have a slightly improvised feel and psychedelic flow to them with their nicely maintained 4 minute average. Walker of course pulls you into the EP with his soft but commanding vocals and is the glue that keeps everything together.

If you have been a fan of Walker’s previous work then this EP will be a must pickup. He still continues to impress around every detailed note and keeps his new outlook on life rolling even when he snarks “and if you see the fucker who stole my mail – tell them the debt doesn’t absolve” on “Second Strand.” It is this personal connection that Ryley Walker can convey through each song that when combined with the excellent musicianship makes the replay value extremely high on So Certain EP.

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