Rozwell Kid: Precious Art [Album Review]

Rozwell Kid
Precious Art
SideOneDummy Records [2017]

Who: Rozwell Kid write fun and gritty power-punk songs as Precious Art is the West Virginian four-piece’s fourth full length.

Sound: Fun and smart power pop punk songs that have a Weezer bright side and a Hotelier emo other side.

TFN Final Take: It is so easy in today’s music scene to get stuck in a serious only channel and never up the volume with a group to just have a good time. I always feel that is what makes a Weezer or Blink-182 needed but any more, seriously harder to find. Every band wants to have that cutting edge which then makes them afraid to just make a record and sing every imperfection and hook to its fullest.

Rozwell Kid have no issue brining some gross humor to the stage (see the song “Booger”) or singing about normal everyday stuff that gets us all, such as anxiety and insecurity (see “MadTV” and “UHF On DVD”). They put forth these ideas and “problems” wrapped in sweet hooks, big guitar riffs and lead singer Jordan Hudkins “best friend” type vocals. They make a song like “Wendy’s Trash Can” and “Boomerang” fit into any playlist you have.

If you have been looking for the next Weezer or Fountains of Wayne, I don’t think you can simply crown Rozwell Kid but they are a solid entry into the genre with a little more emotional substance nearer the surface. Precious Art completely grows on you because every track has the ability to get in your brain like an abersyn symbiote (sorry Star Wars comic reference) and will have you humming along quickly. One spin for most will be enough to become a Rozwell Kid fan as Precious Art will be one of the better power pop records of the year.

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– Reviewed by Thomas Wilde

Thomas Wilde

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