Real Numbers: Wordless Wonder [Album Review]

real-numbers-wordless-wonder Real Numbers
Wordless Wonder
Slumberland Records [2016]


Who: Minneapolis band Real Numbers follows up several popular 12” EPs and a single with their debut full length, Wordless Wonder.

Sound: DIY production with quick guitar melodies and an English twitch that is a throwback to the post-punk of the Television Personalities.

TFN Final Take: Real Numbers have a very cool style with their melancholy approach to music that gets you with quick tempo shifts and closet sounding sing-alongs. Wordless Wonder sounds like your favorite band with swaying pieces of The Smiths while having some modern psychedelic components of Crystal Stilts. The record never slows down and with 10 songs in 25 minutes Real Numbers do not give you much to dislike.

Real Numbers Website
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Slumberland Records

-Reviewed by Christopher Anthony

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