Real Estate: Real Estate [Album Review]

Real Estate
Real Estate
Woodsist Records [2009]

The Fire Note headphone approved

The debut album from Real Estate is indeed the breezy affair that their album cover suggests. The New Jersey quartet blends a mellow indie sway with a surf music backdrop, all wrapped in subtle yet gorgeous melodies. The band’s approach has a calming effect on the listener, and their record could easily be on repeat all day without causing fatigue.

Real Estate blends harmonies with a trace of reverb, suggesting a penchant for lo-fi pop. However, when you reach the first surfy instrumental track, “Atlantic City,” the full picture starts to sink in. The band exhibits a more expansive sound than initially anticipated, a point underscored by the over-six-minute track “Suburban Beverage,” which offers a complete array of instrumentation supported by multiple vocals and proves to be entrancing.

Real Estate accomplishes the unthinkable on their debut by creating something unique while remaining comfortably under the “indie” umbrella. It’s the type of record with a timeless sound that will undoubtedly hold up not only in the next decade but also in the ones to follow.

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