Real Estate: In Mind [Album Review]

Real Estate
In Mind
Domino Records [2017]


Fire Note Says: Real Estate pick up right where they left off.

Album Review: Real Estate are currently one of the most consistent indie bands out there. They have always set the bar high for their style of artistic floating songs that are easy to get carried away in. The band’s fourth record, In Mind, is no different. The plodding guitar, the soft, slick and memorable vocals of Martin Courtney and the dancing melodies and harmonies are all present on In Mind. That is great news if you are a Real Estate fan.

What In Mind does not bring to the table is much in the category of songs you could call new ground. Instead of pushing on some barriers for the band, Real Estate choose to pull in tighter and attempt to perfect and refine the mid-tempo sound that they originated from. Some of this may be to highlight that even without founding guitarist Matt Mondanile (Ducktails) along this time, Real Estate could still create the same seamless record.

For the most part, Real Estate quickly establish that they have not missed a beat since Atlas (2014) with songs like “Darling,” and the peppy “White Light.” Their timeless compositions are back in full force and honestly, I could listen to them all day. For me though, having a new guitarist in Julian Lynch, and bringing back key man Matt Kallman seemed like the perfect time to branch out more. They do include a rawer sounding Blitzen Trapper like track with “Diamond Eyes,” that is an Alex Bleeker tune, but I think it actually disrupts the overall smooth flow of In Mind instead of creating diversity.

If you have been a Real Estate fan, then there is no reason to stay away from this release because the band absolutely deliver what most people will want to hear. In fact, there are plenty of tracks that will keep you coming back. Sadly, if I were ranking their catalog, I would place In Mind in the number 4 slot. Now, that is still not too alarming because I think their three previous records are just that good. I think that is how many followers will feel about In Mind, but I will also fully admit that maybe after more spins it could climb the chart!

Key Tracks: “Darling” / “White Light” / “Stained Glass”

Artists With Similar Fire: EZTV / Ultimate Painting / Hoops

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– Reviewed by Christopher Anthony

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