Pavement: The Secret History, Vol. 1 [Album Review]

pavement secret Pavement
The Secret History, Vol. 1
Matador Records [2015]

Fire Drill Album Review: I am assuming that if you clicked on this review you are already a Pavement fan. This first in the series of Pavement extras is great if you base it on the music alone. The B-sides are necessities for fans and the live recordings capture a bigger stage presence than you can imagine as some of the studio tracks take hormones and grow bigger live. Now, I only gave this a three because if you have the Luxe & Reduxe edition of Slanted and Enchanted then you already have all these tracks. You can pick this one up on double vinyl which is cool for completists but just be careful here if you don’t want to buy these tracks again! If not, The Secret History, Vol. 1 is a fine place to stay for a while.

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– Reviewed by Christopher Anthony

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