Motel Beds: Feelings [Album Review]

Motel Beds
Fictionband Mechanics [2010]


Fire Note Says: Motel Beds create the right indie mix on stereo debut Feelings.

Album Review: Dayton, Ohio band Motel Beds successfully blend a shoegaze approach with sprawling melodies, catchy hooks and steady guitar work on their stereo full length debut Feelings. The band relies equally on all of these components but never boxes themselves into a certain time constraint, as the over five minute floating opener “Mr. Salad Days” is just as engaging as the following two minute jangly track “Is This On?”.

Feelings strength emerges from the bands confidence and lack of urgency, which gives the tracks their ability to build, expand into melody and slowly fade away. Motel Beds offer enough diversity from the acoustic atmospheric “Bourbon Skies” to the more rocking “Loves Hz.” to hold your interest, while giving you a consistent dose of dense song structures that even develop on the ballad “Suckerpunch The Odometer.” This balance and style gives Motel Beds a unique sound and highlights their indie song craft that makes this debut worth checking out.

Key Tracks: “Mr. Salad Days” / “Lights On” / “81 Sun”

Artists With Similar Fire: Chavez / Swervedriver / Built To Spill

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-Reviewed by Christopher Anthony

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