Permanent Records [2017]

Who: Los Angeles, MIND MELD has been creating a buzz since 2015. The trio have several singles under their rock belt and now a self-titled full-length debut.

Sound: MIND MELD plays a heavy psychedelic garage rock that has modern flare like Thee Oh Sees and Ty Segall but plenty of classic swagger that brings back thoughts of Gories and the Stooges.

TFN Final Take: MIND MELD is one of those groups that we should have been listening to all year, since their debut came out in February. It just shows how much we get piled on here with releases because we totally missed it in the stacks. Well, this review corrects that mistake because their straight forward garage psych rock is right in our wheelhouse.

Right from the opening track heaviness in “The Blizzard,” MIND MELD has a full-on assault that immediately reminded me of Ty Segall. With a solid hook, driving bass and deep deep riffs, the track is a keeper. The record just continues with this concrete formula with smart song structures and a roaring rock that keeps you turning up the volume. The group also includes a stellar cover of the Edgar Broughton Band’s “Why Can’t Somebody Love Me” that simply scorches. It just highlights that MIND MELD is a perfect band for today but how this style of music has stood the test of time as they make the 1969 rocker their own. MIND MELD is a band we originally missed – don’t let yourself make the same mistake!

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– Reviewed by Christopher Anthony

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