Mary Timony Band: The Shapes We Make [Album Review]

Mary Timony Band
The Shapes We Make
Kill Rock Stars [2007]

After taking a listen to Mary Timony’s latest solo album, Ex Hex (2005), you could tell that she was drifting towards a bigger sound. So, for her new album, The Shapes We Make, Mary has created a band using her own namesake, giving her the full selection of tools to rock out. Right out of the gate, “Sharpshooter” and “Killed By The Telephone” set the tone with a spunky, intelligent, and guitar-driven pace, which is very reminiscent of Timony’s Helium days. The Shapes We Make is a true evolution of all her back catalog, with the inclusion of new wave keyboards, sharp-turning rhythms, and Timony’s distinct vocals. For those fans longing for the return of Helium, the Mary Timony Band will fill your void because it is not just another solo record but the launch of a new era. Medications band members Devin Ocampo and Chad Molter round out the roster, bringing some of that Dischord Records experience and indie rock know-how into the project, truly giving The Shapes We Make a full band effect. Mary Timony seems most at ease releasing this style of record, and it suits her well because it sounds so familiar but represents a completely fresh point in her career that will only keep going up.

“Sharpshooter” / “Curious Minds” / “Rockman”

Helium / Cat Power / Liz Phair

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