Martha: Blisters In The Pit Of My Heart [Album Review]

martha-blisters-pit-my-heart Martha
Blisters In The Pit On My Heart
Dirtnap Records [2016]

Who: Martha is the first UK band that Dirtnap Records has worked with and you can hear how their sophomore record fits in the with the label’s pop punk vibe. Martha keeps gaining momentum and fanbase across seas as they played Glastonbury this year.

Sound: The band has a nice balance of pop and punk as their songs can rip and bounce at the same moment. Female and male vocals keep things moving as the band falls into the Los Campesinos!, Joanna Gruesome camp and maybe a little throwback to Superchunk and That Dog.

TFN Final Take: Did you say Martha is from the northeast corner of England, have a fresh power pop punk sound and their songs are full of catchy hooks? Sold! This sophomore effort from Martha is a refreshing of the pop punk brand as each member here gets vocal credit and while you are bouncing along with every word their political message comes through. An English band with a political agenda. Sure, I am sure you have heard that tag before but when you take that substance and drive, then wrap it up in songs you can sing along with really loud it completely works. The band is true to their cause but on the just over two minute “Ice Cream And Sunscreen” you realize their brilliance. The soft opening with a rocking closing is volume knob heaven. The almost 7 minute “Do Nothing” stands out because not only is it 20% of the album’s length but the band takes full advantage of the longer tape and gives you everything from quiet to a superb jam. If you are looking for a reason to not declare indie rock bands dead – Martha is a good one!

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– Reviewed by Christopher Anthony

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