Lucero: Among The Ghosts [Album Review]

Among The Ghosts
Liberty & Lament Records [2018]


Who: Memphis quintet Lucero is celebrating 20 years together as Among The Ghosts is their ninth studio album.

Sound: Lucero puts forth the working man’s rock/alt country sound that sounds great in a dark bar or on a big stage.

TFN Final Take: You can always count on a record from the heart when you are talking about Memphis group Lucero. It is hard to believe the band is celebrating 20 years which is highlighted with the release of their ninth studio LP Among The Ghosts.

This record separates itself by having the mature sound of a veteran group that knows exactly what they are doing. For this album, Lucero and singer/songwriter Ben Nichols looked outside of their own life for inspiration but the wear and tear of life still impacts the darker cloud that surrounds these 10 songs. From battling loneliness, separation and lost love, Lucero sing it like it is. There is no candy coating, no sugar pop ending and no cherry on top. Among The Ghosts is all about just letting Nichols sing his heart out and the band showing their talented musicianship for accompaniment.

Longtime fans will be looking for the rowdy “raise a glass” type of song, which for the most part is not existent till the closer as “For The Lonely Ones.” The song turns up the guitar amps along with adding in keys and horns. It is a Bruce Springsteen moment that works and just highlights Lucero’s “everybody’s band” vibe they give off. Among The Ghosts may not be as instantly appealing as some of Lucero’s past work but I do think this record has lasting power if you give it multiple spins. It is a solid record at this point in the band’s career and if you have been a fan it is a must listen.

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– Reviewed by Christopher Anthony

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