Kyle Craft: Dolls Of Highland [Album Review]

kyle-craft-dolls-of-highland Kyle Craft
Dolls Of Highland
Sub Pop Records [2016]

Fire Drill Album Review: The debut from singer/songwriter Kyle Craft will be one of the more interesting and entertaining records you will hear this year. In a world where it seems that the classic style of a Bowie, Dylan, Bolan or Elton John have been somewhat forgotten in today’s current crop of solo artists, Craft comes out swinging with his floating tenor and talented musicianship that is uniquely addicting. From the rolling piano to the humming harmonica, Craft engages the listener from the opening touch of the keys.

This sound and direction also doesn’t mean that Dolls of Highland is a snoozer, as tracks like “Berlin” are electric foot tappers that find Craft pumping up to another level with a controlled vocal snarl. With great storytelling, a 70’s folk/glam sound and surprising song shifts, Kyle Craft is a new artist that is completely worth the hype and Dolls of Highland is a record that deserves your ear!

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– Reviewed by Thomas Wilde

Thomas Wilde

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