Kelley Stoltz: Que Aura [Album Review]

Kelley Stoltz
Que Aura
Castle Face Records [2017]

Kelley Stoltz continues to fly under the radar with his addicting psych indie rock. His newest long player on Castle Face, Que Aura, has a slickness to it that feels natural and seems easy for Stoltz as he incorporates plenty of keyboard snyth floating songs with his 60’s style vocals. The record has a seamless mix that is made for headphones but has plenty of moments that can find you turning up the volume. Stoltz has been playing rhythm guitar on tour recently with Echo & the Bunnymen and it is not a stretch to know why when you hear some of these tracks. Que Aura is easily one of those albums that nobody talks about, is completely different compared to anything on the Castle Face roster but given a listen will work its way onto some best of the year lists.

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Castle Face Records

-Reviewed by Thomas Wilde

Thomas Wilde

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