Josh Rouse: Love In The Modern Age [Album Review]

Josh Rouse
Love In The Modern Age
Yep Roc Records [2018]


Who: Singer/songwriter with strong influences.

Sound: Folk-pop that is inspired by 80’s songwriters.

TFN Final Take: Josh Rouse’s twelfth album, Love In The Modern Age, is an interesting listen. Rouse has always excelled in his storytelling and he succeeds this time around, in particular on “Businessman” and “Ordinary People, Ordinary Lives.” His characters are relatable and truthful. However, Rouse has been able to mix that talent with great hooks and riffs; this has been the source of his staying power. Those moments are few and far between on the album. There aren’t many songs to sing along to, no matter how many listens. I found my head more engaged than my ears (or my heart) with each listen. Rouse cites Leonard Cohen as an influence for the album, and an appreciation for Cohen is a great bellwether for enjoyment of this LP.

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– Reviewed by Matthew Heiner

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