Houndmouth: Golden Age [Album Review]

Golden Age
Rough Trade Records [2018]


Who: Louisville trio going through a transition.

Sound: High energy synth-pop.

TFN Final Take: Giving Golden Age its first listen, you may wonder if you’ve got the right album. While Houndmouth’s trademark sound had been loose, guitar-driven, harmony-laden blues and folk, this LP is electric and crackling. That’s typically a good thing, but Houndmouth loses what made them special by adopting this sound. Without a doubt the band had to transition after the departure of Katie Toupin, and the loss is noticeable. Instead of being their own thing, you can now lump Houndmouth in with Walk The Moon, Ra Ra Riot, and Jukebox The Ghost. The tracklist is enjoyable, but it is nevertheless a letdown to see the band evolve in a predictable, safe direction.

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– Reviewed by Matthew Heiner

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