Holy Wave: Freaks Of Nurture [Album Review]

holy-wave-freaks-of-nurture Holy Wave
Freaks Of Nurture
Reverberation Appreciation Society [2016]


Fire Drill Album Review: Again, psychedelic music comes in many forms today. With their newest release, Freaks of Nurture, Holy Wave pulls no punches and dreamily drifts into the 1960’s. I’m going to make a bold statement, Freaks of Nurture will be the most pleasant psych record of 2016-if not the most endearing. Holy Wave did well and caught me off guard with the “heavy” and fun Evil Hits. Then they took a bit of a rest on the intensity and relaxed with Relax. Now Freaks Of Nurture takes it psychedelics with a hint of shoegaze. Sonically, the songs are large, maybe their largest songs yet-time wise too. Songs like “California Took My Bobby Away” warms like a nice knit quilt that blankets the ears. “Western Playland” tricks my ears with a bit of Wood’s “Size Meets The Sound.” The charming “Sir Isacc Nukem” and “Minstrel’s Gallop” twinkle nicely. If Holy Wave could have pushed a bit more Evil Hits and a little less Relax Freaks of Nurture would have easily been a 4 if not a 4.5 headphones. But, Freaks of Nurture is still a focused and expansive effort pleasantly recreates Nuggets era pop with a thoughtful twist. Not a bad album to add among the ever expanding psych genre.

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-Reviewed by Christopher Tahy

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