Helvetia: Dromomania [Album Review]

helvetia-dromo Helvetia
Joyful Noise Recordings [2015]


Fire Drill Album Review: Jason Albertini (Duster and Built to Spill) and his band, Helvetia have a wonderful new LP out now. Dromomania is a tasty bit of psych/slacker rock. If you are not familiar with Helvetia, you really need to get that situation rectified. Dromomania would make a great starting point. It has all the signature sounds and arrangements of a Helvetia album, but feels like a breath of fresh air, too. There is a lot of aural diversity here. Hooks and wonderful shifts are all over this album. Check out the incredible track “The Rubber Maids.” Starts off boisterous and then turns on a dime with a shift into a lovely noise-laden psychedelic groove. Even the more languid tracks have some interesting, unusual instrumental hooks to keep you glued to your headphones, and there is always Jason’s soft vocals welcoming you to stay with the tracks. If you like Built to Spill, or Believo! era Enon, Helvetia and their entire discography need to be on your purchase radar.

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– Reviewed by Daniel Taylor

Daniel Taylor

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