Griff’s Room Band: Heartbreak/Desire [Album Review]

Griff’s Room Band
Self-Released [2017]

Who: Griff’s Room Band is a “fiddle-infused pop/rock” band from Richmond, VA.

Sound: Think Dave Matthews Band for this generation.

TFN Final Take: Griff’s Room Band has a sound that is very familiar and even nostalgic. There is a looseness and carefree vibe to the band that invades even the most lovelorn of lyrics on Heartbreak/Desire. The fiddle is incorporated seamlessly into each song, bringing with it winsomeness at times and unbridled joy at others. As dark as things get, you can still dance and sing and celebrate being alive. Griff’s Room Band perfectly captures that sentiment on their debut album.

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– Reviewed by Matthew Heiner

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