GA-20: Crackdown [Album Review]

Colemine/Karma Chief Records [2022]

Crackdown is the third LP from blues, roots-rock, and country revival trio GA-20. The album expands on their previous sound and blows out your speakers with a modern electric blues that honors the past but feels imaginably modern. What GA-20 are good at is making the blues spread across other genres. You get the soul filled instrumental title track, while the rockabilly stomper “By My Lonesome,” will have you shaking a leg. The delta-blues smolders on “Dry Run” and album opener, “Fairweather Friend” is made for indie rock radio!

Crackdown shows the progression of GA-20’s songwriting as it is their first LP without a cover track and features 9 original songs. I like this aspect of the album, because previously GA-20 put some new life into several classic blues tracks but here on Crackdown, they are 100% committed to their own style and delivery. In fact, several of their more straightforward blues’ songs like “Gone For Good” have you believing it might be originally from some classic blues artist with the way it sweats and hits all the right grooves. No matter what, you know GA-20 have nailed it because the authenticity just oozes out of every chord in Crackdown. The record not only is the band’s best to date but could easily inspire others to join in the modern revival of blues with GA-20 sitting as one of its leaders!

“Fairweather Friend” / “Dry Run” / “By My Lonesome”

Junior Kimbrough / Dan Auerbach / R.L. Burnside

Try It…You Might Like It! (2021) / Lonely Soul (2019)

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Thomas Wilde

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