Frankie Cosmos: Fit Me In EP [Album Review]

frankie-cosmos-fit-me-in Frankie Cosmos
Fit Me In EP
Bayonet Records [2015]

Fire Drill Album Review: My only complaint about the new Frankie Cosmos is that it is too short. Sure, I know it is an EP but its eight minutes is just an excellent tease of what is for sure to come from this soon to breakout artist. If you have followed Frankie Cosmos’, aka Greta Kline, work you will want to know right away what has changed and what is different here. I will tell you that for Fit Me In, Frankie Cosmos has traded in most of her guitar work for synthesizers but still retains her excellent simple storytelling. In fact, one of the most engaging tracks is the 49 second foot tapper “Sand,” which finds Kline reflecting on young love and how she notices more of everything just being with that special someone. It is quick and catchy. Other tracks like “Young,” showcase her intelligent lyrics when she sings “I heard about being young, But I’m not sure how it’s done,” which highlights why you should not discount the 21 year old. Fit Me In is very comparable to some of her earlier recordings when nobody else was around and many on the scene were not paying attention. It is a refreshing retake on a talented young artist that is for sure going to make some noise on her upcoming 2016 full length. You might as well get on board now!

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– Reviewed by Christopher Anthony

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