FonFon Ru: Collapse Of The Silver Bridge [Album Review]

FonFon Ru
Collapse Of The Silver Bridge
Repeating Cloud Records [2022]

The sophomore album from Portland, Maine, post-punkers FonFon Ru is full of energy as it covers multiple sounds of the genre while being extremely focused. Collapse Of The Silver Bridge prominently features vocalist/guitarist Harry James, as his unique sounding voice drives each of the eight tracks to a brooding place but swells with positive attitude and swag. I would compare his voice closely to Interpol’s Paul Banks with both its inflection and tone. That overall confidence is the heart of FonFon Ru as this album just gets in your head while the band addresses big issues like gender roles and inequality while still looking at the glass as half full.

The subject matter keeps you tied to the lyrics but right out of the gate with “Fatty Tissue Thorn” you will hear James isolated voice before the tempo changes and by the minute mark, you are rocking out. I think tempo is the great friend of any good post-punk band but another component is the ability to morph sounds right in front of your ears. FonFon Ru does this consistently as “Boy, What A Blessing” has moments of guitar/drum blasts like a METZ track before sinking back into a slower vocal brood segment or the quick big call outs near the end of “Don’t Let The Cat Out” take a good song and make it great! At times like those, the band has flashes of some classic Masters Of Reality material when they build heavier walls of sound but also has several melodic pieces during tracks like “You’re Alone And Happy In Here” and “Manicure Manager” that make them stand out and highlights on the record.

FonFon Ru succeed on Collapse Of The Silver Bridge because they don’t hide any imperfections of their raw energy approach. Every song feels spontaneous and passionate while you can hear new catchy moments within the tracks every time you spin the record. The album cover alone should bring you into FonFon Ru’s world but their positive polarizing approach to the post-punk genre is fresh and definitely worth checking out today!

“Fatty Tissue Thorn” / “Don’t Let The Cat Out” / “You’re Alone And Happy In Here”

Interpol / Fontaines D.C. / Motorists

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Thomas Wilde

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